Deep relaxation

Physical and emotional healing process

An unusual experience and individual therapy all in one!

Sound Healing

An extraordinary experience and therapy in one package. Sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls and Wu Xing gong – “Five Elements of Life”.

The relaxing treatment with sound massage is done in individual or group “sound meditation” sessions, also known as Nada Yoga.

In the Heart of Europe, Tokhi is the only direct student of the Indian guru Manan Sharma, whose family has been making Tibetan bowls for many years. He is also an international endorser of Meinl and their range of singing bowls, as well as the “Sonic Energy” gong, which the company sells all over the world.


• physical and emotional healing process
• deep relaxation
• stimulation of the skin, organs, bones (proved to have a very positive effect, for example, in after-treatment of fractures)
• removal of blockages and tensions
• drainage of toxins out from the body
• breath deepening, regular heart and pulse rate, optimization of blood pressure, metabolism and the digestive system
• immediate, non-invasive but also strong sound frequencies that flow through the entire body
• complete Aura regeneration
• blood circulation improvement
• strengthening of the immune system
• stress management


Hazrat Inayat Khan

„Sound is the source of all manifested. He, who knows the secret of the sound, also knows the secret of the whole Universe.”


International tips

Managers of well-known companies use this method all around the world. Among other things, for instance, in Asia some indulge in therapy every day before they go to work and even children at schools use it before their class…

Sonic Energy


For the therapies alone we use only equipment of the highest quality that best transmits vibrations throughout the human body. As is well known, 70% of our body is made up of water. Our cells weigh the sound and resonance waves very intensively and deliver them to the organs and to other necessary places in the body.

Traditionally manufactured bowls

According to tradition, the bowls are hand made out of 7 metals. They differ only in compound proportion. Each metal presents one part of the solar system. Gold, silver, quicksilver, copper, iron, pewter, lead – for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Gong made in Germany

Gong, which is part of the therapy, is made in Germany with European traditional manufacturing. The gongs are tuned into the biggest possible frequencies and they enable them to make complex tunes and beautiful harmonies all over the body of the instrument. Each gong is hand made and each has its own articulation – from light whisper to deep “scream”. The name “Wu Xing” comes from the Chinese phrase translated as 5 elements of life – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Tibetan singing bowls

During therapy with this instrument we use the sound harmony and the vibration effect for the whole cleansing and energy body balance. The effects are very visible on the physical and energy level. Tibetan bowl is used as one of the oldest diagnostic instruments. It’s an ancestor of the magnetic resonation. If it’s added to the “ blocked” place, it has a boldly different sound.

Wu Xing

Jméno „Wu Xing“ pochází ze staré čínské fráze, která je překládána jako 5 elementů života. Jsou to Dřevo, Oheň, Země, Kov a Voda. Při terapii těmito nástroji se využívá harmonie zvuků a vibračních účinků a celkovému pročištění a energetické rovnováhy těla. Efekty jsou velmi patrné jak na fyzické, tak na energetické úrovni.

The process itself

The luxury and peaceful salon Bello has been chosen for the best space for regular therapies and it’s right in the center of Prague. This activity is also available for other locations – it is suitable as a kick off trip of the company management, as a team building motivation session or in between meetings.

Individual sessions

During the individual session, the bowls are added to the client’s body parts – over the clothes, and the therapy itself is an absolute connection between “healer” and client. The whole process lasts approximately one hour.

Group sessions

In the group sessions and sound meditations there is no body contact, however the vibrations travel across to the group of people in the same way. During this process the “healer” can communicate with clients, easily motivate them towards better results, achievement, good teamwork feeling…

Theta level

In the session, the brain is in the theta mode and it comes to the simplest possible form of meditation. Since the brain concentrates on the sound and the vibrations, it automatically relaxes and slowly “switches off” the hundreds of thoughts that are streaming through it.