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Sound Healing - Unusual experience and individual therapies in one!

An unusual experience and individual therapy all in one! That is Sound Healing performed by the Tibetian “singing bowls” and Wu Xing Gong – “ Five Elements of Life”.

Relaxing treatment with sound massage is possible either on an individual session or in group “sound meditations”, also known as Nada yoga.

Sonic Energy

For the therapies we use top quality equipment, which carries over the vibration through the human body in the best possible way.
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Wu Xing

Gong, which is part of the therapy, is made in Germany with European traditional manufacturing. The gongs are tuned into the biggest possible frequencies ...
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The process itself

During the individual session, the bowls are added to the client’s body parts - over the clothes, and the therapy itself is an absolute connection ...
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International tips

Managers of well-known companies use this method all around the world. Among other things, for instance, in Asia some indulge in therapy every day before they go to work and even children at schools use it before their class…